Neurology (GP information)


The Neurology Department at the L&D provides a comprehensive General Neurological Service to the local population and surrounding areas. The Clinical team consists of six part-time consultants who also work at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, and three Specialist Nurse Practitioners in Multiple Sclerosis.

The Department participates in research projects in Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. In addition to the General Neurology Clinics we have the following sub-speciality clinics.

Referral Process

Referrals are accepted via E-RS only.


Botulinum Treatment (Consultants; Dr Andrew Gale, Dr Paul Watts; Specialist Nurses; Ruth Shaw,
Rhyan Smith, Lesley Bates)

Multiple Sclerosis, (Dr Gale; Consultant, Mr Huseyin; MS Advanced Nurse Practitioner and MS Specialist Nurse)

Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse clinic (L&D outpatients Monday and Thursdays (Disease Modifying Clinic), at Luton Treatment centre Wednesdays. Domiciliary visits if required) We provide comprehensive care throughout disease trajectory including all NICE approved medications)

Parkinson’s Disease (Prof. Schrag; Consultant)

Pregnancy in Epilepsy (Dr Linda Parsons, Consultant)

Specialist Headache clinic monthly (Dr Anna Cohen)

Patient Information Leaflets

Clinicians - Consultants/Specialist Nurses

Luton & Dunstable University Hospital


Hilal Hakkoymaz Research Assistant
Karina Quilaquil Neurology Specialist Nurse
Maycon Saura Adult Epilepsy Specialist Nurse
Polly Kay MS Specialist Nurse
Alison Hassett MS Specialist Nurse
Professor Annette Schrag Consultant Neurologist
Dr Talal Al-Mayhani Consultant Neurologist
Dr Sara Collorone Consultant Neurologist
Dr Mara Sittampalam Consultant Neurologist
Dr Anna Latorre Consultant Neurologist
Dr Floriana De Angelis Consultant Neurologist
Dr Anna Cohen Consultant Neurologist
Ms Yvynne Croucher Neurology Research Nurse
Ms Suzanne Tluk Research Nurse
Ms Rhyan Smith MS Specialist Nurse
Mrs Lesley Bates MS Specialist Nurse
Mr Huseyin Huseyin MS Advanced Nurse Practitioner & Clinical Operational Lead
Dr Paul Watts Clinical Director for Neurology and Neurophysiology; Consultant Neurologist
Dr Linda Parsons Consultant Neurologist
Dr Carmen Tur Consultant Neurologist
Dr Amit Batla Consultant Neurologist
Dr Anette Schrag Consultant Neurologist
Dr Andrew Gale Consultant Neurologist

Useful Contacts

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General Manager Jenny Cadman
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