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Termination of Pregnancy

Our clinic offers a full pregnancy termination service to NHS patients. We understand this is a very difficult time for you. Our experienced staff will support you throughout the process.

 What happens at my first visit?

 During your consultation, you will meet the

Doctor, who will:

  • obtain your medical history
  • ascertain the reasons for requesting termination for legal reasons
  • perform an ultrasound scan to confirm how many weeks pregnant you are. You will not have to watch the scan unless you choose to
  • offer a self-vaginal swab to check for infections
  • discuss the various options for termination of pregnancy; their risk and benefits
  • obtain written consent for your chosen method
  • discuss your options for contraception and provide you with information.

Nurses, who will:

  • describe the details of the option chosen by you
  • administer the first medication if you have chosen this option, or arrange a date for this
  • give you the after-care leaflet
  • give you a pregnancy test kit with instructions to be performed 3 weeks after the medical procedure.

What are my treatment options?

The type of termination you can have depends on how many weeks pregnant you are and your own personal choice. We offer the following procedures – one or more may be suitable for you.

  • Medical termination of pregnancy as an outpatient procedure in low risk patients up to 10 weeks’ gestation
  • Medical termination of pregnancy as an inpatient procedure for high risk patients and/or up to 18 weeks’ gestation
  • Surgical termination of pregnancy under local anaesthetic up to 8 weeks’ gestation
  • Surgical termination of pregnancy under general anaesthetic up to 12 weeks’ gestation.

Will my treatment happen on the same day?

With medical termination it is usually possible to administer the first part of the treatment on the same day (with further treatment needed as an inpatient or at home after 48 hours). For some inpatient terminations, we may need to bring you back to administer the first part of the treatment, depending on appointment availability.

Surgical termination is not offered the same day. These are usually booked within 1-2 weeks.

Termination of Pregnancy self referral form

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