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Cancer is a condition where cells in a specific part of the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably. The cancerous cells can invade and destroy surrounding healthy tissue, including organs.

Bedford Hospital

The Primrose Unit

The oncology services at Bedford Hospital are based in the dedicated oncology unit: The Primrose Unit, which was funded by Bedford Hospitals Charity, in liaison with Macmillan Cancer Support and opened in 2003.

The unit provides a full complement of high quality, clinical and support services and is a cancer treatment unit with facilities to treat a wide range of cancers areas including breast, colorectal, lung, prostate, gastric, lymphoma and gynaecology. The Primrose unit team is made up of seven consultants, two Chemotherapy Nurse Practitioners and a nursing team, all of whom work very closely with other departments within Bedford Hospital and with the radiology centre at Addenbrooke’s Hospital to ensure a multi disciplinary approach to patient care and to offer a truly holistic service to all patients at each stage of their cancer journey.

Our Services

The Primrose unit houses Bedford Hospital’s outpatient oncology service for cancer patients. New and follow-up patients with cancer are seen in one of the several clinics each week.

Chemotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy and other anti-neoplastic agents are administered daily in the purpose built suite in the primrose unit by one of our specialist chemotherapy nurses, and supported by a phlebotomist in the unit.

The chemotherapy suite offers daily sessions (during weekdays), for oncology patients and shared care for haematology patients. It is attached to the outpatient clinic area allowing the nursing staff to work closely with all of the consultants, ensuring a first class, seamless service for all the patients. The primrose unit has its own phlebotomy service and a cancer information and support centre.

A scalp cooling system is also available which can be used to minimise chemotherapy induced alopecia. The unit also provides a PICC line service and 24hr telephone support line for chemotherapy patients. The unit also houses the palliative care team.

Patients requiring radiotherapy have their treatment carried out at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge. Patients requiring surgery and other interventions are discussed in one of the multidisciplinary team meetings which are held each week, some of which are teleconferenced to other cancer centres including Cambridge.

Cancer Information and Support Service

The Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre was developed as a joint venture between Macmillan and the Primrose Oncology unit at Bedford Hospital in 2004, to ensure that people affected by cancer have access to comprehensive, appropriate information and support.

The centre is open from 9am–6pm Monday to Friday.

The service offers:

  • A drop in service for a wide range of information and support
  • Health, financial and life management advice
  • Referral to other healthcare professionals
  • Details of local and national support services and organisations
  • Details about complementary therapies and outreach sessions in the community

Staffed by:

Macmillan Survivorship Lead – Melinda Bettsworth
Macmillan Information Assistant – Lourdes Longalong

Contact number 01234 792667


Lead Cancer Nurse: Yvonne Jeffs
General Manager for Cancer and Palliative Care: Karen Jackson
Oncology consultants:

  • Dr Sarah Smith – Gynae / Colorectal
  • Dr Ramesh Bulusu – Lung / UGI / Lymphoma
  • Dr Robert Thomas – Breast / Urology
  • Dr Athar Ahmad – UGI / CUP / Colorectal
  • Dr Shahzeena Aslam – Breast / Lung / Urology
  • Dr Anna Bowzyk Al-Naeeb – Urology / Lymphoma

Palliative Care Consultants:

  • Dr Penny McNamara – Palliative Care
  • Dr Tejal Shah – Palliative Care

Clinical Nurse Specialists:

  • Breast cancer: Bridget Ashdown, Sarah Higgins, Natalie Janes, Anne Willis
  • Metastatic Breast cancer – Stephanie Thorpe
  • Colorectal cancer: Karen Richards, Karen Belfield-Cockings
  • Lung cancer: Sue Jessop, Rebecca Tellwright, Sherin Paul
  • Upper gastro-intestinal tract cancer: Eleanor Church, Claire Barratt
  • Urological cancer: Maureen Daly, Graham Smith and Niamh Lynch
  • Gynae cancer: Gail Burgess
  • Head and neck cancer: Ian Salmon
  • Skin cancer: Natalie Allen, Sarah Morris, Laura Kelly
  • Haematalogy: Jenna Morgans, Alison York, Alison Bishopp

Acute Oncology:

Caroline Barclay, Laura Gillespie

Chemotherapy Nurse Practitioners:

Helen Cawood, Neil McKay

Palliative Care Nurses:

Brigid Purcell, Alison Borromeo, Carol Whitby, Elaine Joseph, Mary Waring, Pratima Patel

Oncology Dietitians:

Cristina Testa, Mica Williams

Chemotherapy Nurses:

Julie Rowley– Manager
Sue O’Connor, Sue Ashton, Tammie Taylor, Melanie Crampton, Kerry Gill, Holly McGregor, Zara Roberts, Devika Somasundaram, Sussan Okosun, Emmanuella Nugloze, Shianne Becker

Clinical Support Workers:

Yvonne Jackson, Kasia Pietrzak, Sam Dyte, Philomena Collins, Micky McNiffe, Olja Djuric

Clinical Cancer Navigators:

Heather Telford – Breast, Colorectal
Vanessa Morris – Urology
Kathleen Hogman – Upper GI

Contact Us

To change or cancel an outpatient or chemotherapy appointment contact reception on (01234) 792652 or call the hospital switchboard on (01234) 355122 ext. 2350.

For advice regarding chemotherapy treatment contact 01234 792651 or via the hospital switchboard on (01234) 355122 ext. 2332.

Macmillan Cancer and Palliative Care Psychology Service

We are a specialist confidential psychological support service for patients and families affected by cancer, covering Luton and Bedfordshire. We offer consultations in a range of locations, including within the Bedford Primrose unit, Luton and Dunstable University Hospital and in non-hospital locations within Bedford, Luton and Dunstable.

Meet the team

Dr Sara Rassool – Macmillan Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Marie Browne – Macmillan Family Psychotherapist

Dr Mary Keilty – Macmillan Clinical Psychologist

Matt Hopton – Macmillan Specialist Psychotherapist

Dr Emma Cassidy-Ingles – Macmillan Clinical Psychologist

Our team focus exclusively on cancer and palliative care. We receive referrals from members of the clinical team for people with any cancer diagnosis, at any stage of their care, with any cancer-related psychological difficulties. We also welcome relatives, partners and carers to be referred.

How can I be referred?

Please talk to your clinical nurse specialist or key professional involved in your care (eg oncologist, chemotherapy practitioner, community Macmillan nurse) about being referred to the service.

For information please see our patient leaflet here.


Dr Athar Ahmad Consultant Medical Oncologist
Professor Robert Thomas Consultant Oncologist
Luton and Dunstable University Hospital

The Luton and Dunstable University Hospital (L&D) provides cancer and palliative care services to patients and their families.

The L&D consultants treat the following sites:
Breast, lung, colorectal, oesophageal and gastric, pancreatic, gynaecology, urology, haematology skin, head and neck and thyroid. We offer onward referral to other specialist hospitals, if required.

Oncology Services are provided by consultant staff from the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, taking part in combined clinics and multidisciplinary meetings with our hospital cancer teams.

For information about Cancer Research at the L&D, please click here.

The Supportive Care Service is based within the Macmillan Cancer Unit, where chemotherapy treatments are given.

Also based within the unit are Cancer Nurse Specialists, Macmillan Palliative Care Nurses and volunteers.

In addition the following services are available:

  • Patient information and Support Service – a full range of patient information booklets are available as well as access to the internet
  • Complementary Therapy Service and ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ (pampering therapy)
  • Psychology Service – psychological assessment and referral to the Macmillan Psychology Service is available
  • Welfare Benefits Advisor – a comprehensive assessment of financial needs can be undertaken
  • Lymphoedema clinics
  • Orthotics Service – wigs and prosthetics
  • Palliative care
  • Cancer and exercise program

The Cancer and Palliative Care Team work closely with local community teams to ensure patients and their families have continued supportive care in the home. Community teams work together with GPs, Macmillan Nurses, Community Matrons, Keech Hospice, Marie Curie, and Social Services.

To access the service contact your GP or Cancer Nurse Specialist, or contact the information and support service on 01582 718189

Cancer screening
Breast Screening Service – The Beds and Herts Breast Screening Service is based at the L&D.

We provide high quality screening and diagnostic services for women living in Luton, South Bedfordshire and parts of Hertfordshire.

Please see our Breast screening page for more information.

Bowel Screening Service
The L&D offers a full screening service for Luton, south Bedfordshire and parts of Hertfordshire and coordinates the programme in this area. Bowel Screening includes endoscopy services and specialist screening nurse clinics for people receiving an abnormal result.

The Cervical Screening Service
We offer comprehensive Cervical Screening Service for women referred by their local GP and provide follow-up investigations if required.


Dr K Chiu Consultant Oncologist
Dr Shashank Gurjar Colorectal Consultant
Dr S Mawdsley Consultant Oncologist
Dr P Ostler Consultant Oncologist
Frances Taffs Breast Cancer CNS