Professor Robert Thomas


Bedford Hospital

Job Title

Consultant Oncologist




Oncology and Lifestyle Medicine

Other Roles

Consultant Oncologist at Addenbrooke’s,Hospitals. A Visiting professor of Biological and Exercise Science at Coventry University. A clinical teacher at Cambridge University. A visiting Professor at the University of Bedfordshire. Chair of the Macmillan exercise expert advisory committee. He designed the UK’s first government approved qualification in exercise rehabilitation for cancer patients which is now delivered nationally by The Wright Foundation. Author of the book “Lifestyle after Cancer – the facts”. Medical lead of the cancer information website the general health website and nutritional and recipe

Education and Training

Post graduate training at The Royal Marsden, Royal Free and Mount Vernon and Middlesex Hospitals. His research Medical doctorate was conducted at The National Hospital for Nervous disease in partnership with Duke University North Carolina, USA which was awarded the British Oncology Association annual research prize.


20 years as a consultant oncologist specialising in breast, prostate, colorectal and bladder cancers. Supervising and giving hormone, chemotherapy, biological therapies and radiotherapy.


He leads a research unit which conducts and participate in numerous national trials in biological, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He also has an academic interest in the evaluation of nutritional, lifestyle and self help strategies, aiming to integrate these into routine oncology practice. He has published over 100 peer reviewed papers including the world’s largest randomised double blind evaluation of a polyphenol rich nutritional supplement in men with prostate cancer (Pomi-T study) and the evaluation of a plant based antedocte for chemotherapy induced nail damage (UK Polybalm Study). For his research achievements Prof Thomas was awarded the British Oncology Association Oncologist of the Year, the Hospital Doctor Magazine Doctor of the year, the NHS communication research Award and the Royal Collge Frank Ellis Medal.