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The Imaging Department is extremely well equipped and provides a comprehensive range of diagnostic and interventional services. Each service tends to be referred to as a modality and a brief outline of each service and opening hours is detailed below. We have a large multidisciplinary team comprising of Radiologists, Radiographers, Sonographers, Senior Nurses, Imaging Assistants, Administrators and Porters. Patients will always receive a friendly and professional welcome. We pride ourselves on delivering a patient focused service with a maximum waiting time of 4 weeks for most routine examinations. The Imaging Services Manager is Mr Simon Nicholson.

Main X-ray
Open Monday to Friday 8.30 – 17.00 and provides plain film X-ray support for GPs, Outpatient clinics, inpatients, dental and fluoroscopy. Walk-in access for chest-X-ray is available 9.00-12.00 and 13.30-16.30 (Monday to Friday). Patients may be asked to change into a gown for certain XRay procedures.

A&E X-ray
Open 24/7 providing plain film X-ray support to our Emergency Department and Acute Wards.

CT Scanning
The CT department has two GE scanners, Discovery HD with the latest dual energy capabilities and an OPTIMA 660 with organ dose modulation. We carry out a large range of CT examinations including colonography studies and cardiac scanning. CT is open seven days per week 8.00 – 20.00 Monday to Friday and 8.00 – 18.00 at weekends. Emergency CT is available 24 hours a day.

The MRI department has two Philips scanners carrying out a large range of MR examinations. MRI is open seven days per week 7.00 – 21.00 Monday to Friday and 8.00 – 18.00 at weekends.

General Medical Ultrasound
General medical ultrasound covers abdominal, soft tissue and vascular examinations. Our general medical ultrasound department is open seven days per week, Monday to Thursday 8.00 – 20.00, Fridays 8.00 – 16.30 and 8.30 – 16.30 at weekends.

Maternity Ultrasound Department
Based in our Women’s Health Unit and is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 8.00 – 16.30 with Tuesdays 8.00 – 20.00. Please see our policy on fetal sexing for pregnant women.

Nuclear Medicine Department
Our Nuclear Medicine department is open Monday to Friday 8.30 – 17.00 and involves the use of radioisotopes to assist in specialist imaging. This service also includes bone densitometry (DEXA) scanning.

Waiting times for all diagnostic services are low. The national waiting time targets are to see patients within 6 weeks but this Department strives to provide a faster response and is working towards extending patient choice of appointments wherever possible. Please see our patient access policy for further information.

If you have any queries about your examination, or the service please contact us on 01582 718156.

Referral Process

All Imaging referrals are either supported by a specialist pathway or by appointment (other than walk-in chest XRay access).

The service is open to direct access GP referrals through electronic ordering in ICE with reports readily available through the same mechanism.

Consultant Radiologists may be contacted for further opinion on reports and for clinical advice on the most appropriate examination for patients. Please see iRefer link that may also be of assistance.

Patient Information Leaflets

Clinicians - Consultants/Specialist Nurses

Luton & Dunstable University Hospital

Imaging Services

Dr Salman Rahimi Consultant Radiologist (Locum)
Dr Samson Kade Consultant Radiologist (Locum)
Dr Gamal Ghazala Consultant Radiologist (Locum)
Dr Adaikkalavan Chockalingam Consultant Radiologist (Locum)
Dr Rohil Shetty Consultant Radiologist
Dr Hugo Lopes Consultant Radiologist
Dr Mala Dattani Consultant Radiologist
Dr Nirav Bhatt Consultant Radiologist
Dr Ahmed Eissa Consultant
Dr Thayahlan Iyngkaran Consultant Radiologist
Dr Somasundaram Ramkumar Consultant Radiologist
Dr Smita Kamat Consultant Radiologist
Dr Sheena McLaggan  Consultant Radiologist
Dr Rachana Shukla Consultant Radiologist
Dr Kai Low Consultant Radiologist
Dr Asha Nair Consultant Radiologist/ Breast Screening
Dr Preena Patel Consultant Radiologist
Dr Oran Roche Consultant Radiologist
Dr Minaxi Dattani Consultant Radiologist
Dr Simon Allen Consultant Radiologist

Useful Contacts

Luton & Dunstable University Hospital
A&E reception: 01582 497332
General Ultrasound Modality Manager: Amanda Houghton
Service Manager Andy Layt
01582 497055
General Manager Bindu Jophy
01582 718452
CT Modality Manager Claire Barkell
CT & MRI Scanning reception: 01582 497438
MRI Modality Manager: Dario Prudencio
Clinical Director: Dr Thayahlan Iyngkaran
Interventional Radiology Sister Emily Metcalfe
For GP Imaging Queries containing patient identifiable date please use:
Consultant secretaries: 01582 718082
Office Manager: Lorraine Swain
Maternity Ultrasound reception: 01582 497499
On Call Radiographer: Via Switchboard
Outpatients booking department: 01582 561385
Nuclear Medicine and Dexa Modality Manager Ruth Cornwell
Imaging Operational Manager: Sally Hacking
01582 497976
O&G Ultrasound Modality Manager: Sophia Holland
Switchboard 01582 491166
X-ray reception: 01582 718156, Fax - 01582 718155
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