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Steven Waterfield

Steven Waterfield

Steven received a DAISY Award from a patient who was taken back with the care Steven gave them. The patient said:

“Being told you may have had a stroke at the age of 46 is a terrifying thing – but one person has so far made the whole thing so much more manageable.

“It’s still very early days – we’re still not sure exactly what the issue is but after an initial day spent in A+E I was called back the next day for an emergency MRI. At least I thought I was! Sitting in A+E for a second day, I got a call from Steven to talk through the case, and he was surprised I was there! From that point he could not have been more reassuring, informative and helpful.

“Steven totally took charge of the situation, making things happen for the next three hours. He empathetically explained where we were in the process, gently asked me more details, and then set out a clear plan of action. He explained that an emergency MRI wasn’t required but carefully explained why. He told us what would happen next, but explained it may take some time.

“We returned to wait in A+E, but before very long he appeared in person to take us to one of the procedures he had personally arranged to take place. He then personally took us to the pharmacy to pick up an extra prescription he spotted that we needed and while there, he went to speak to colleagues to see the soonest we could book in for an MRI managing to secure a cancelled slot within 48 hours.

“As noted, I am still at the very early stages, but the three hours Steven dedicated to me on that day made the world of difference. Before, I was filled with tears, anxiety and doubt but after his careful and thoughtful intervention, I am completely confident of facing whatever comes next.”