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Louise Kateley

Louise Kateley, a Midwife in the Delivery Suite, was nominated by a patient.

The patient said: “Louise and Yen (Student Midwife) were the midwives present for the majority of the night I gave birth to my son Joseph. They helped me create the calm and peaceful environment that was so important to me after a very long wait on the induction ward and some very intense contractions. They dimmed the lights, let us play relaxing music and were very respectful of our birth wishes and worries. I was especially anxious about having a retained placenta after a traumatic previous experience. When it started to happen again, I was really reassured and there was clear communication to the Consultant about what was and what wasn’t ok for me. I felt in very safe hands. I was guided through pushing, letting me have the most amazing experience feeling my son come into this world. They both stayed calm and explained what was happening when there was meconium and blood in the waters. Thanks for their clear and calm and calm guidance. We avoided any interventions and delivered baby Joseph within the 15 minutes the doctor had allowed before the intervention.

“After the delivery I experienced a sudden very intense headache and neck pain. Louise and Yen leapt into action took it seriously and got help. It turned out I had a post-dural puncture and cut on my brain. Their quick response of lying me flat, getting me strong painkillers, reassuring me and getting help got me through this very traumatic experience.

“I had to stay in hospital for a few more days while doctors investigated the air in my brain and post-dural puncture. Both Louise and Yen separately came to see me and see how I was doing. It was really a tough time so this meant a lot.

“My dream birth experience and nightmare after birth experience were both made so much better by the support, kindness, friendliness and competence/expertise of these lovely two ladies. Please pass our thanks from all the family.”