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James Garces

James Garces is a Registered Nurse at the Luton & Dunstable University Hospital EAU who was nominated by a member of staff.

“James is a very special member of staff. His caring attitude and diligence towards his patients is outstanding, and he strives to make every day better. He always wants to improve himself and his surroundings to better his patients. He is naturally a very positive person and this is evident in every aspect of his daily routine. His patients really get the best of him.

“James has been a nurse for a long time and is very knowledgeable in every aspect of his role. He is a fantastic member of staff who is always reliable and happy to help. He is a great member of the MDT and always calls the patients by their name rather than their bed number.

“He is a good judge of people and knows just how and when to approach people. He enjoys every aspect of his job and makes the most of every moment.

“James fully deserves this award and am proud to nominate him. I wish him the best of luck.”