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Karen Kennedy

Karen Kennedy, Care Support Worker, Godber Ward – Bedford

“Karen is a gem and an inspiration to everyone.  She works extremely hard and will turn her hand to any job that needs doing, with a willingness and a smile.  You only have to ask and she is there to help you or in my case, calm me down when I had an asthma attack. I didn’t know her before I came in hospital, but I feel I have known her forever. She cheers you up when you are feeling down, and gets everyone smiling again.

“I forgot my toothbrush when I came in unexpectedly, the next morning she came in half an hour earlier and had bought me one.  She is so kind and thoughtful to everyone putting them all at their ease.

“I must admit, all the nurses are helpful and work very hard.  I admire them all, I can understand a reason for a rise in their wages, I’m not sure how much they earn but whatever they get, I’m sure a little more would help, they all work so hard.

“I do hope you consider Karen for the award.  A very big thank you to all the staff here.”

On receiving the award, Karen said: “I have only been in this role for two and a half years, previously all my career has been retail. I have found a new mojo in giving something back to my community and it is rewarding in helping patients recover and go home.”