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Lina Gapusan

Lina Gapusan, a Registered Nurse in Ward 3/ SDEC, was nominated by a member of staff for exemplary care even during a busy shift.

Lina’s colleague said: “A palliative patient was admitted in double side room due to COVID positive status. She was alone in the room. Patient deteriorated rapidly and within a very short time she was put on EOL. One morning, before the night shift finished, I found Lina with the patient.

“The shift was very busy with a lot of tasks to finish prior to handover. My view was that it was inappropriate for my colleague to be stopping and talking to patient in that crucial/busy time. I then found out that the patient had expressed to Sister Lina that she feels very lonely and scared that she may die alone. Sister Lina felt the need to sit in the room and talk to the patient, giving her reassurance and comforting her.

“I witnessed the smile on the patient’s face and as I joined Sister Lina, the patient expressed that she felt safe after the conversation she had with Sister Lina. She went on to say that now whatever happens to her, she feels happy.

“On my next shift, the following day I learnt that the patient had sadly passed away. Staff reported that she was very peaceful and comfortable at the time of death.

“I really appreciated the time that Sister Lina had taken with the patient, despite that it was during the busiest time of shift, with outstanding tasks. Sister Lina prioritised the conversation with our patient to ensure that she felt safe and for her comfort.

“Sister Lina demonstrates compassion and dedication. Nursing is not only her job, but it is in her heart. I would like to say big thank you for nurses like Sister Lina.”