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Naomi Mead

Naomi Mead, Registered Nurse, Ward 34 – L&D

March 2022 Winner

“I was booked to go to ward 34 as I had suffered a missed miscarriage and I needed to have medication to help give birth to my baby. Naomi was my nurse for that night. She was such a kind, gentle nurse and showed care and respect to me and my husband at all times, despite no doubt, being exhausted as she was working the night shift. Naomi explained what was happening, asking me if I needed pain relief. When it got to around 04:30 my pain was affecting me and Naomi made sure I had all the pain relief I could.

“I felt a painful sensation and realised that I had passed my baby on the commode. I buzzed as I was scared and in pain. Naomi checked and encouraged me to sit longer until I had passed everything. She came back 20 minutes later and checked again, cleaned me up and helped me onto the bed. She assured me my baby would be looked after with respect and promised to check on me before finishing her shift as she was due to finish. True to her word she came back around  and asked if I was ok. She finished her shift an hour late but didn’t seem upset about this.

“Naomi was so kind throughout. She dealt with me and my husband, and had to remove my deceased tiny baby and not once did her kindness fail. Although this may just be another day at work to her, it was the darkest day of our lives, but Naomi made it easier. I will never forget her.

“I am a nurse myself and it makes me proud that there are amazing, kind, compassionate nurses who I can share my profession with. We tried for 7 years for our baby and sadly lost her and our hearts and lives broke.”