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Alice Oyeniran

Alice Oyeniran, Midwife, Ward 33 – L&D

The winner of the July DAISY Award is Alice Oyeniran, a midwife who listened to her patient when others didn’t.

“I gave birth to my baby boy and caught an infection during labour. When I was transferred to ward 33, I complained about my symptoms and some staff dismissed this and put the pain to post C-section pain. Alice was the first midwife to actually listen to me and take me seriously. She also provided me with emotional support and advice.

“On the 13th day on the ward it was my birthday and on Alice’s next shift she wished me a happy birthday and gave me a hug. This really lifted my mood.

“Alice is always helpful, polite and caring. She has been an excellent midwife that goes above and beyond her normal job making patients feel happy and listened to. Even when not caring for me, on her shift she would go past corridors waving, smiling and asking for my health and recovery.
Although all the midwives are helpful, Alice was one of the midwives that stood out and made me feel better after being stuck in hospital for 2 weeks.”