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Chloe Spring

Chloe Spring, Registered Nurse, CCU – Bedford Hospital

March 2022 winner

“I had an extended stay at both Papworth and Bedford hospitals leading up to and following open heart surgery.  Having encountered dozens of nurses and support staff in that time I can say categorically that none of them were anything other than friendly, respectful and dedicated, despite the very obvious pressures they were under for most of the time.  It’s therefore somewhat disappointing that one in particular has to be selected from the group.  However, given that this is the case, it would have to be Nurse Chloe in the cardiac ward at Bedford.  It is very evident that Bedford is less well-resourced than Papworth, providing an additional challenge to an already very difficult job.  The staff patient ratio is lower (and frequently reduced further by the impact of the pandemic), access to services more restricted, and the infrastructure older and less fit for purpose.

“The relentlessly polite, respectful and upbeat attitude of Chloe was truly inspiring. There were patients who were tedious and rude, in some cases with the very minimum of provocation- uncommunicative or bilious.  All were met with the same degree of attentiveness, sympathy and cheerfulness.

“There was one situation where one patient was evidently suffering from dementia and in a state of some confusion and degree of distress and had to be placated.  This was made particularly difficult by the patient’s limited ability, within just a few seconds of this episodes, the patient started to experience acute nausea, Chloe immediately rushed to find a bowl in time and was on hand to offer reassurance to the patient.  She then duly arranged for a Doctor to see the patient who arrived within minutes.

“It is well known that the nursing profession exerts both a physical and emotional toil with meagre financial reward.  This makes it all the more remarkable that, almost without exception, they maintain such a good humour and professional demeanour for what must surely be a gruelling 12 hour shift.”