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Hannah Board

Hannah Board, Homebirth Team, Bedford

“I cannot thank or praise Hannah enough for her care throughout my pregnancy.

“After severe previous trauma Hannah was quick to recognise that I needed additional help from within the maternity department. Ensuring I had contact with all the correct professionals for a partnership approach to my care, with Ocean team and Lorraine, consultant midwife and the Gestational Diabetes team, (Namely Jaz and Lilianna)

“She supported my general health and ensured my ongoing mental wellbeing putting in additional measures to increase the chances of a healing non traumatic birth. Due to my previous experiences Hannah knew my fear and nervousness about attending hospital, on her day off she came with me to an appointment within the hospital when my partner was unable to attend. This appointment was needed for my care but she knew my fear of attending and so came with me rather than me not attend.

“My daughter was overdue, and during this time Hannah was on Leave, she checked in with me throughout her leave reassuring me that people were available in the homebirth team should I go in to labour. When I still hadn’t gone in to labour by the end of her family holiday, but before the end of her leave, Hannah agreed to take on additional shifts on call to give me reassurance that she would be available. And then when my daughter still didn’t arrive. She knew that due to hospital policy she couldn’t be my midwife during a C-section. However she sought permission to be my birthing partner during a planned C-section booked for her day off.

“Thankfully this didn’t happen and I went in to labour at home before my section date.

“I gave birth to my daughter with Hannah and her colleague Liz’s support at home at the end of October. Hannah and Liz supported me through my labour ensuring mine and my daughter’s health and giving me the birth I so desperately needed to heal from my previous trauma.

“Hannah’s Care did not end at my birth, my daughter had health challenges after birth, Hannah was quick to recognise issues and do relevant referrals leading to a tongue tie diagnosis, and my daughter being given the correct support from dieticians for potential allergies.

“Without Hannah’s support I am certain my mental health would have suffered significantly.

“Hannah, and the blossom team are an absolute credit to Bedford hospital, going over and above for their patients.

“She has absolutely been a key individual reshaping my thoughts around the healthcare system at Bedford hospital allowing me to regain faith and feel safe at the hands of care givers again.”