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Benefits for Members

Being a member of your Foundation Trust Hospital gives you a wide range of benefits and opportunities to get involved.

You will have:

  • the ability to help shape the future of your Foundation Trust
  • the ability to influence how the hospital’s services develop
  • the right to vote in elections and to select Governors to represent member constituencies
  • the right to stand for election as a Governor representing other members

……. In other words to give you a voice in the running of your local hospital.

You will receive:

  • Invitations to both Council of Governors and Annual Members Meetings
  • Personal invitations to a series of medical lectures and other health-related events (see Information for Members for more detail of meetings and events)

In addition to all that you will have access to a wide range of discounts from:

There are also other ways of getting involved such as:

  • Becoming a hospital volunteer
  • Getting involved in Fundraising for projects such as the NICU Appeal and the Cardiology Appeal
  • Becoming a Trust ‘Ambassador’ helping to keep the community informed about the hospital and its developments
    helping to encourage others to become members

You choose……you can be as involved as you wish!