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Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU)

As part of our commitment to improve our Outpatients department, we have developed a patient-initiated follow-up (PIFU) service. PIFU has been specifically designed for patients with long-term conditions or having had treatment. This allows patients to contact clinical teams if they feel they need to, rather than having a prearranged or regularly scheduled appointment. This means you avoid unnecessary appointments, saving you time and stress.

If PIFU is available and suitable for you, the healthcare professional responsible for your care will discuss this option with you and, if you are happy, will place you on to the PIFU service.

How PIFU works

For a set period, instead of traditional scheduled routine follow-up appointment as you may have been in the past, you will only need to contact your service directly to arrange an appointment when/if you need one.

The healthcare professional responsible for your care will tell you what symptoms or complications after treatment to look out for and in what circumstances you may want to request a follow up appointment. They will also provide you with the information you need on how to contact their service to arrange this if you need to.

You will also be told how long the PIFU service will be available to you. This will depend on the condition you are being treated for. If you do not need an appointment within the specified time period, you will be discharged from the service and your GP will be notified or you will be invited in for another scheduled appointment.

Once discharged, if you have any future symptoms, you will need to contact your GP and if they believe it to be necessary, they will re-refer you.

How do I book an appointment?

It is quick and easy to book an appointment when you need one.

To arrange a PIFU appointment you must:

  • Have agreed with the healthcare professional responsible for your care that PIFU is appropriate for you and have been given the relevant information.
  • Contact us within the timeframe advised by your healthcare professional following the information provided to you on your speciality PIFU leaflet.

You should not use this service if: 

  • If your concern is related to a different condition or symptoms.
  • If the PIFU time period stated has lapsed, please see your GP.
  • If you need urgent medical advice you should contact your GP or NHS111