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Keeping you safe during COVID-19

We work hard to ensure that the care you need can be provided as safely as possible.

We follow all the same infection prevention and control measures that you do, such as washing our hands regularly, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, self-isolating when we test positive for COVID, but we also undertake the following:

  • All staff throughout the hospital are regularly tested for COVID, any staff that test positive or who display COVID symptoms do not attend work
  • All staff use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the task they will perform, this can include face masks, aprons, gloves, eye shields, hats/hairnets, hazmat suits, etc – these are discarded in safe waste bins after each patient with fresh PPE put on immediately before seeing the next patient
  • Washing and sanitising hands with approved high-quality soaps and sanitisers regularly
  • Ensuring all equipment and furniture is sanitised or replaced with fresh equipment after each patient
  • Ensuring there is adequate time given with specified air quality measures to ensure rooms are properly ventilated between patients
  • All waiting and recovery areas have appropriate spacing to ensure social distance is maintained throughout the hospital
  • Ensuring that patients with suspected and confirmed COVID are looked after in separate parts of the hospital from our other patients.