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Inpatient Teams

Acute Medicine – provides urgent assessment and intervention for a variety of medical, elderly, musculoskeletal and orthopaedic patients in an emergency and short stay setting. Their aim is to prevent admission to hospital and facilitate safe and timely discharges seven days a week. This is achieved by communicating closely with the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) and community services.

Complex Medicine – provides thorough assessment and patient centred treatments and goals for a variety of complex medical patients with speciality conditions that include: cardiac, oncology, neurological, gastro, endocrinology, rheumatology and the frail and elderly. We provide physical and functional rehabilitation to facilitate safe and efficient discharge to an appropriate setting. The team work closely with the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), patients and their families to identify and implement appropriate services and equipment if required on discharge.

Respiratory – Are based on critical care wards (Intensive Care and High Dependency) where they provide early rehabilitation for the critically unwell patients. They are also based on the respiratory unit where they assess and treat patients with mobility and respiratory problems- often providing techniques to help remove mucus and to help patients breathe more freely. This may be done with breathing exercises and/or through physical exercise. This can be helpful for patients with both acute as well as long term conditions.

Paediatrics – Work on the paediatric unit, maternity and neonatal unit. The team see children on the ward with a variety of conditions such as chest infections, cystic fibrosis, orthopaedic surgery, talipes, neurology including stroke. The team complete assessments and create treatment programmes which may include exercises, airway clearance or developmental activities. On the neonatal unit the team work closely with the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), they see babies born under 32 weeks or with a low birth weight, the team complete hands on and video assessments to facilitate development.

Orthopaedics and surgery – Work on the surgical and orthopaedic wards as well as the fractured neck of femur ward, covering a wide variety of patients. They provide holistic assessments of patients following surgery and post orthopaedic operations. The therapists work closely with a wide MDT to ensure resumption of normal function and mobility, as soon as possible after the procedure, following any precautions specified by the surgeons. They look at providing equipment, and identifying services, to support patients during their recovery, and have a key role in planning discharge.

Neurology – Work with patients who have experienced an acute neurological event such as a Stroke. They work as part of a specialist MDT that provides neurological assessments and treatments to patients in the acute phase of their condition as well as starting rehabilitation towards their goals.

Rehab – the Neurology team also cover the rehabilitation ward based at the hospital that provides rehabilitation for stroke patients as well as adult patients from all other specialities around the hospital. Patients go to this ward awaiting community rehabilitation.

Accessing the service – Inpatients are referred by doctors and nurses to the ward therapists when a need is identified.