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Preparing to breast feed

Antenatal education

La Leche League provide a FREE practical and interactive online course to learn about first days and weeks of breastfeeding your baby and how to continue with confidence with the help from your support partner and all the resources from La Leche League GB and beyond.  Further information.

Expressing milk before your baby’s birth

Please see our Expressing milk before your baby is born leaflet for information about antenatal expression of colostrum.  This is strongly recommended for those with diabetes, expecting twins or triplets, or anticipating health issues, however many families find it extremely helpful in avoiding early supplementation with formula / bottles and successfully establishing breastfeeding. Please see our leaflet explaining the impact of giving formula milk to a baby who is establishing breastfeeding.

Local Support Groups

For a list of local Breastfeeding Support Groups in Bedfordshire, please visit—supporting-infant-feeding/baby-brasseries-support-group

Other resources

There are lots of useful resources on our breastfeeding and useful links and information pages (we would encourage you to watch the videos about latching before baby arrives). You may also find the pages below helpful for information about breastfeeding in the early days.

NHS: Breastfeeding – the first few days

Breastfeeding.Support: A good start to breastfeeding