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After the birth – postnatal

After the birth – postnatal

If everything has gone well we encourage you to go home within a few hours. We will give you emergency contact numbers to call if you have any worries.

If you or your baby needs to stay in hospital you will be transferred to our postnatal ward, Ward 33 at the L&D or Orchard Ward at Bedford Hospital. If your baby needs more specialist care they may either be transferred to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or some babies who need some special care are able to stay with you on Ward 32 where we also offer ‘Transitional Care’ services.

Low blood glucose monitoring after birth

If your baby requires monitoring for low blood glucose or is at risk of low blood glucose levels, please visit our dedicated Protecting your baby from low blood glucose website page.

Going home

Our care does not stop once you are at home. When you leave one of our hospitals you should have a visit from your community midwife within 24 hours. They will plan visits with you after birth; usually over the next 10 days. If you live outside the Bedfordshire area your details will be passed to your local community midwives who will take over your care. If you would like support with breast feeding you can check with your midwife where our local cafes and drop-in sessions are held in your area. We also offer feeding support at our postnatal clinics in the community.