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Orthopaedics – Primary Hip and Knee Replacement

We aim to invite all patients waiting for primary Knee and Hip replacements to pre-operative “joint replacement school” which is a one hour and 15 minute session to talk about your role on the Enhanced Recovery Programme and what you can do to help yourself both pre and post-surgery. This includes getting up and out of bed on the day of surgery to aid pain management and encourage blood flow, reducing the risk of post-operative complications.  This session is run by the Enhanced Recovery team and enables you to ask any questions you may have.  An information pack will be provided to you at this appointment and relevant contact numbers are reiterated.

Nutricia Pre-Op carbohydrate drinks will be given out either at your pre-assessment appointment or at this session. We cannot give these drinks to patients with Type 1 and Type 2 (on medications) Diabetes – other advice will therefore be given at this appointment as to how you can hydrate yourself immediately prior to your surgery.