Before surgery

Before your surgery you will either meet in a group session or during a clinic, depending on the surgery you are having.

At this meeting you will be provided with:

  • An explanation of your impending surgery and managing your expectations
  • Information on the importance of playing an active role in your own recovery with the support of health care professionals
  • Information on fitness for your surgery including diet, smoking, cessation, alcohol reduction, dental, infections, exercise and more
  • Practical information to help your recovery including planning for going home before you come in

Information videos

Enhanced Recovery is a modern, evidence based approach that can help people to recover more quickly after surgery

In the sections below, you will find a selection of videos which aim to ensure you know what to expect and are prepared for your joint replacement operation. This will enable you to make a speedy recovery and return to that activities you enjoy. It is essential that you play a very active role in your care, to achieve the best possible outcome after your operation.

We strongly encourage you to view these videos as soon as possible. You can view each video as many times as necessary and if you need clarification or have questions for which you are unable to find the answers, please do not hesitate to ask anybody in our team.

Introduction to Enhanced Recovery programme – Irene Fitt, Clinical Lead