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Training and Development

Training and Development of staff is one of the keys to success here at Bedfordshire Hospitals. 

Training & Education Committee

The Training & Education Committee is responsible for determining workforce education priorities based on a collection of annual training needs based on service objectives, professional or legal requirements, risk management and local intelligence. The committee also interpret national guidance and educational policy documents and monitor the effectiveness of education delivered across the L&D.


Learning is supported across the L&D through formal appraisals. Appraisals provide the opportunity for cascading service objectives and agreeing team or individual objectives as well as identifying levels of skill, knowledge and ability.

Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

PDPs form the outcome of the appraisal interview clearly demonstrating the link between agreed objectives and gaps in knowledge and skills identified as necessary to achieve those objectives.

Post Registration Education

Active post registration development is encouraged to MSc level (or equivalent) based on development pathways which are focused on service needs, improvements to patient safety and the patient experience with the applicant obtaining rounded advice from their line manager, training & development advisers or identified higher education institute.

Internal Training Programme

The annual internal training programme aspires to standards of accreditation from professional bodies and educational institutes and is delivered in the suite of training rooms available in the Centre of Multi-Professional Education and Training (COMET).

Programmes are delivered by specialists in the relevant field and are prepared to support multi-professional learning and include statutory training; health and safety; clinical skills; managerial and leadership development; communication skills and IT Microsoft.

Unregistered workforce

We maintain an enviable reputation for developing our unregistered workforce providing nationally accredited programmes such as National Vocational Qualifications; European Computer Driving Licence and British Institute of Cleaning Sciences helping our staff to personally develop and gain additional skills within the workplace.

Equality and Fair Treatment

The L&D is committed to equality and fair treatment and most particularly through opportunities for appraisal, the design of personal development plans and access to training and education programmes.

Booking a learning event

All learning events should be booked centrally through the Training & Development or Medical Education Departments. Please email Training & Development

Return to Practice nurse (RTP)

Nurses leave the profession for a variety of reasons; some have children or start a new career. Many want to return but don’t know where to start. Find out more about the routes available here.