Meadowbank (Neonatal)

Meadowbank is Bedford Hospital’s Neonatal Unit, situated in the Trust’s dedicated Women and Children’s Department in the Cygnet Wing. The Neonatal Unit is a Level 1 Special Care Baby Unit which employs specialist Neonatal Nurses to care for premature and unwell new-born babies and their families.


Bedford Hospital

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Meadowbank (Neonatal)




Linda Queijo-Ridor

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The Meadow Bank (Neo-natal) Ward can be found on the second floor of the Cygnet Wing Women and Children’s Unit block and is serviced by Reception G.

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Visitor Information

We value parent(s)/carer(s) as partners in the care of their infants and want you to feel fully involved in your baby’s care.

Parent(s)/carers and siblings have open access to their infant/s 24 hours a day. We particularly encourage parent(s)/carers to attend morning ward rounds to discuss the care of your baby in partnership with the NICU/SCBU team. The sensitive nature of the care we provide and the friendly spaces on our unit mean you may hear personal information regarding other families and their baby. We ask you to please respect the confidentiality of others.

For full information on visiting guidance, please visit our ‘Visiting our units’ page.

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