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Falls prevention in hospital

Date: 04/04/2024 | Category:

People recovering from illness often go through a period of increased risk of falling as they regain mobility. Inevitably, this may result in some accidental falls. Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation […]

Falls information for Outpatients

Date: 04/04/2024 | Category:

A fall is defined as an event which causes a person to, unintentionally, rest on the ground or other lower level. Risk of falling increases with age, one third of […]

Use of patient bed rails

Date: 04/04/2024 | Category:

This is an information leaflet for patients and visitors regarding the use of hospital bedrails. What are bed rails? Bed rails are usually made out of metal and are generally […]

Falls Service

Date: 04/12/2023 | Category: