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Pharmacy Outpatient Services & Dispensary

Our Dispensary

Our dispensary provides medication to patients attending Accident & Emergency as well as Outpatient clinics across the hospital. Your newly started medication will be checked for safety and interactions with your current medicine and we will ensure that the Eight “Rights” of Medication Administration are met.

These are:

Right PatientThe drug prescribed is intended for you

Right MedicationThe drug is the best option to treat your condition

Right doseThe prescription is the correct dose to treat your condition

Right routeThe drug will be administered in the correct way and provided in a suitable way, for example providing liquid medication to children

Right time—The medication will be given at the correct times of day to ensure it works as well as possible

Right documentation—The prescription is legally accurate and stored confidentially

Right reasonThe medication is appropriate to treat the condition

Right responseThe medication has the desired effect and there are no unwanted side effects

Robotic Dispensing

Each of our dispensaries have robotic dispensing which has revolutionised our workflow. Our robots speed up the dispensing process, improve stock control, reduce waste and store medicines in a secure and controlled environment.

Please note—we cannot accept green prescriptions in the hospital dispensary. Please find your nearest local community pharmacy and they will supply these medicines for you.

Find a pharmacy near you using Google maps.