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What we do

We proactively review patients admitted with diabetes related admissions (DKA, HHS, hypoglycaemia, foot ulcer, on steroid, etc.).

We assess the patient and make diabetes management recommendations to support patients and their medical team manage blood glucose levels appropriately.

We provide patients education in diabetes self-management or to their significant others when needed i.e. new to insulin package education, home blood glucose monitoring, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), etc.

We assess patients if need support on their diabetes management to provide continuity of care and safe discharge by referring them to the appropriate diabetes care provider.

We provide telephone clinic follow-up calls to ensure patients transition safely to the home environment if necessary.

We have several staff education programs and have developed a number of guidelines to enable safe and standardized practices for inpatient diabetes management.

We regularly participate in national audits and awareness programs, as well as monitor and quality improve our services via internal audit and quality improvement projects.