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The Team


We are doctors who specialise in helping young people with diabetes. We work with you to plan your treatment. We check how you are doing at clinics and make adjustments if you need them. If you are managing other conditions as well as diabetes we make sure the mix of treatments is right for you.

See below Dr Misquith, Dr Nathwani, Dr Niranjan, and Dr Ravindranatham


We are specialist children’s diabetes nurses. We help you with your day to day management of Diabetes. We check your blood glucose control and help you make insulin adjustments. Call us if you need advice (Mon–Fri, 8am–4pm).

See below Denise, Meeta, and Pauline


We are children’s dietitians specialising in diabetes. We can advise you on what to eat to stay happy and healthy with either T1 or T2. You can call us for advice or book a clinic to review your diet or to get help with any problems you are having. If you have T1 we will teach you how to count the carbohydrates in the food you eat so you can give yourself the right amount of insulin for your specific needs.

See below Michaela


We are children’s psychologists specialising in chronic illnesses, including both T1 and T2 diabetes. We run online and in person events to help patients learn, have fun and meet others with diabetes. If you are particularly struggling with your thoughts and feelings about diabetes speak to your nurse or consultant and you can be referred for 1:1 psychology sessions.

See below Megan and Charlotte