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Your Journey

If you are having problems conceiving, you are not alone; around one in seven couples has difficulty.

There are several possible reasons why it may not be happening naturally. At the L&D Fertility Centre we are here to help you along your journey and give you the best possible chance of becoming a parent. We will assess both partners to investigate the likely cause of the fertility problem. Our aim is to diagnose and, where possible, treat the problem within the clinic.

Your Journey begins
At the L&D Fertility Centre we offer services for NHS patients and self-funding patients.

Following a referral from your GP, or through self funding, we will work with both partners to find the likely cause of the fertility problem. We aim to diagnose and treat the problem in the unit and if decided you need IVF, the majority of care can be offered by the L&D Fertility Centre with just two appointments necessary elsewhere. Patients can choose where they would like to be referred to, but the L&D work in close partnership with Bourn Hall, in Cambridge.

Alternative relationships
The L&D Fertility Centre provides comprehensive medical and surgical treatments to improve fertility for couples, including alternative relationships.

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