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Semen Analysis

The Luton and Dunstable University Hospital’s fertility laboratory is part of the Fertility Centre and provides an important aspect of the service for the investigation and management of the infertile/sub-fertile couple.

The laboratory’s priority is to provide routine semen analysis and post vasectomy analysis to Consultants within the L&D Hospital and to General Practitioners. We provide comprehensive semen analysis examining important factors which may contribute to the reproductive functioning of the male partner of a sub-fertile couple as well as aid doctors in the management of post vasectomy patients post-operatively.

The L&D Fertility Centre have fully trained scientists who are highly proficient in performing quality diagnostic semen analyses in line with World Health Organisation (2010) and Association of Biomedical Andrologist (ABA) guidelines. The laboratory regularly performs quality control, participates in the UK National External Quality Assurance scheme for Andrology (UKNEQAS) and is working towards laboratory accreditation.

What we look for with Fertility Tests

For ‘fertility’ tests or ‘routine semen analysis’ we look at three main components:

  • Motility – how well the sperm are moving and in what way
  • Concentration and Total Sperm Numbers – this is basically how many sperm there are per unit volume and in the total ejaculate
  • Morphology – the size and shape of the sperm

There may be occasions where vitality analysis is undertaken (to see if the sperm are alive or not if the motility is reduced).

Alongside this, other general features are looked at:

  • Volume
  • Viscosity
  • pH
  • Round cells

What we look for with Post Vasectomy Analysis

We analyse the semen to see if the vasectomy operation was successful or not. We do this by looking for the presence of sperm in the ejaculate. The consultant or doctor looking after your care will let you know what you have to do following your vasectomy.

All requests for semen analysis must be from a General Practitioner (GP), Consultant or other healthcare provider.. They will provide you with the necessary information and forms that will enable you to book an appointment with us. The preferred method of referral from these is via Sunquest ICE.

How to book semen analysis-NHS

If you feel that you may require semen analysis, contact your doctor directly.

If you have been told you need to have a semen sample analysed, read and follow the patient leaflet carefully.

Self-funded Semen Analysis

Fertility and post-vasectomy tests can be carried out for patients who wish to self-fund, providing that they have a General Practitioner (GP), Consultant or other healthcare provider referral. The cost is currently £130 and includes the test kit and a report (we cannot give clinical advice). Please contact the Scientist on 01582497477 if you require more information.

Location and Useful contacts

The Fertility Centre is located on Lewsey Road (the same side of the road as the hospital).

L&D Fertility Centre

Luton and Dunstable University Hospital

6-8 Lewsey Road



The laboratory operates Monday-Friday from 08.30-16.00. Times may vary but any major changes will be given to service users.

If you require general information about this service please feel free to contact the Laboratory Manager on 01582 497477.

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