GP Service: Paediatric (General Surgery)

Children’s Assessment Unit – GP Referral Guidance

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Children’s Assessment Unit – GP Referral Guidance The Children’s Assessment Unit (CAU) at Bedford Hospital is open 24 hours a day, seeing acutely unwell children and babies. Children can be […]

PALS (for patient specific enquiries)

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Urgent Paed Patient Assessment

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Dr Ronald Misquith

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Outpatients booking department

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Tanith Ellis

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Paediatric General Surgery (GP information)

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Elective General Surgery of Childhood We provide a well-established consultant-led general paediatric surgical service operating in close collaboration with the paediatricians, anaesthetists with paediatric interest, nurse specialists etc. and have […]

Childrens (Paediatrics)

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Paediatrics is the medical specialty dealing with the development and care of children and with the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases. For clear, local information for pregnant women, babies […]


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