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Membership Strategy

Feb 2023 – May 2024

Hospitals Strategy

Strategic goals:

Engage with patients and visitors to the hospitals. Staff members;

  • to engage with membership activities
  • to engage with staff/public governors

Strategy to achieve this:

  • Continue to encourage staff to attend medical lectures, AMM and COG meetings. Give enough publicity via internal communication methods.
  • Staff governors to do routine walk around, talk to staff and listen to what they have to say. Participate in staff engagement events.
  • Public governors through the subcommittees and governor groups engage with staff to hear their say.
  • Continue to engage with patients, visitors and staff at Outpatients and canteen areas.
  • Continue to include stories of staff in the Ambassador.

Member Strategy

Strategic goals:

  • Public membership – strengthen engagement and communication with members.
  • Membership to be the representation of the local community.
  • Encourage BAME communities to vote at elections.

Strategy to achieve this:

  • Targeted recruitment activities in Bedford and North of Central Bedfordshire.
  • Recruit diverse groups from Bedford, Central Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire.
  • Hold engagement events, e.g medical lectures/AMM, in all four constituencies.
  • Continue to issue publication (Ambassador) twice a year.

Community Strategy

Strategic goals:

  • Reach out in the community to those who are underrepresented in our membership profiling.
  • Educate the community on health issues.
  • Increase the diverse membership for each constituency.
  • Reach out to hard to reach communities that have particular health issues.
  • Strengthen engagement with the local communities.

Strategy to achieve this:

  • Reinstate the membership advert on home page of the website.
  • Continue with the ongoing social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Meet and engage with the local communities at supermarkets, festivals, fairs, races, events, sports clubs, religious events, social & community groups and voluntary groups etc.

The Trust will be directly accountable to local people by making the best use of its Foundation Trust Governors and Members

Governor Strategy

Strategic goals :

  • Governors to have a two way communication with the membership community and local people.
  • Raise the profile of governors.
  • Governors to be the voice of the members and local people they represent.
  • Governors to actively promote membership.

Strategy to achieve this :

  • Each governor to recruit members. A yearly target given.
  • Each year to publish the details of the governors in all communications (internal & external) and how to contact them.
  • Governors to forward to their diverse groups the links to online membership adverts and anything that appears on Trust social media and websites.
  • Promote the Ambassador to their constituencies.
  • Governors to establish contacts with
    their local communities seeking opportunities to promote
    membership at events