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Neonatal Services

Date: 22/11/2021 | Category:

Our services 1 in 7 babies born will need support from the Neonatal Team. Babies can be admitted to neonatal care for a number of reasons, including when they: are born […]

Meadowbank (Neonatal)

Date: 23/03/2020 | Category:

Meadowbank is Bedford Hospital’s Neonatal Unit, situated in the Trust’s dedicated Women and Children’s Department in the Cygnet Wing. The Neonatal Unit is a Level 1 Special Care Baby Unit […]

Nutrition Nurses Clinic

Date: 20/04/2018 | Category:

Nutrition and Dietetics

Date: 08/03/2018 | Category:

Dietetics is the medical specialty dealing with food and nutrition.


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Ear, Nose and Throat

Date: 22/02/2018 | Category:

Our ENT departments provide a comprehensive range of ENT services for patients presenting with Ear, Nose and Throat problems. As part of our commitment to improve our Outpatients department, we […]


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