Tavistock Ward (Day Surgery Unit)

Tavistock Day Surgery / Admission on the Day Unit consists of a combined space for either 19-day case trolleys or 15 in patient Admission on Day beds. This unit gives pre and post-operative care for orthopaedic, general/ vascular/ colorectal surgery, ear, nose and throat (ENT), oral maxillo facial, ophthalmic, gynaecology, radiology, urology, plastic surgery and breast care patients.

Patients arrive at our reception at their allocated time. At this point- due to space restrictions- any accompanying relatives may be asked to leave. The patient will be greeted by the reception team   and asked to sit and wait for their admission paperwork to be completed by one of nursing team.  A member of the surgical team and an anaesthetist will see them as well. If the patient has any questions this will be the time to ask them. Patients are then asked to wait in the reception area until they are prepared for theatre.

Prior to their scheduled theatre slot, patients will be asked to change into a gown and their dressing gown in the changing cubicle. They will then wait in a small seating area until called to go to theatre. Clothing is stored in patient lockers until the patient is back on the ward after their operation. The nursing staff keep the locker keys with them. Please do not bring valuables into hospital, as we are unable to accept responsibility for these. A nurse will go through a checklist with patients and then escort them to the anaesthetic room where they will be met by the theatre staff who will do a series of identity checks and confirm understanding of the procedure to be carried out.

Following their procedure, patients will awaken in the recovery area. Here they will be monitored closely by the recovery staff. Once the recovery staff feel that a patient is awake, with minimal pain or nausea they will return to Tavistock Ward on a trolley with a theatre porter and qualified nurse.

On return to the ward, patient observations are monitored and wounds checked. Unless there are any specific instructions patients will be allowed to take sips of water progressing to tea/coffee and light refreshments (sandwiches/toast) once water is tolerated.

Most day surgery patients will need a minimum of two hours recovery time on the Unit, but this can vary depending on the surgical procedure and individual recovery times. Some operations require a minimum of 4 hours.  Once patients meet set criteria they can be discharged home   with the relevant documentation, medication and advice. Sometimes there can be a delay in discharge waiting for surgeons to complete theatre sessions if they wish to see their patients before they go home.

Please note that all patients being discharged home following a general anaesthesia must make arrangements to be collected from the reception area of the ward by a responsible adult. They will also require care for at least 24 hours – this will have been discussed at pre-assessment.

Admission on the day patients will come back to Tavistock post operatively on a bed to an allocated bed space where they will remain for the duration of their hospital stay. Here they will receive care, medication, monitoring and clinician review. On discharge advice and medication will be given


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Tavistock Ward (Day Surgery Unit)


Day Surgery

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Ann Conquest


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The Tavistock Ward can be found on the first floor of the ward block and is serviced by the Main Reception located on Kempston Road.

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