Reginald Hart Ward

Reginald Hart Ward is a trauma and orthopaedic ward situated on the third floor of the main ward block. The ward has 30 beds.

Reginald Hart Ward has a wide variety of staff; many of whom have specialist skills to care for trauma patients. Staff on the ward include: a Ward Manager, two Sisters, Staff Nurses, Clinical Support Workers (CSWs), a Ward Clerk and a Ward Host. During office hours, Physiotherapists and an Occupational Therapist are also available and the ward works very closely with the Trauma Co-ordinator.

When you arrive on the ward, the staff will introduce themselves and orientate you to the ward. Nursing documentation will then be filled out and the staff will explain the process of events to you and your relative.


Bedford Hospital

Ward Name

Reginald Hart Ward



Ward Manager

Laura Gannon


Rani Sidhu

Contact Details

01234 792216

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The Reginald Hart Ward can be found on the third floor of the ward block and is serviced by the Main Reception.

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