Critical Care Complex

The Critical Care Complex is a 10 bedded unit with a mixture of level 2 and level 3 critical care beds. Level 2 is traditionally known as ‘high dependence care’ and level 3 is traditionally known as ‘intensive care.’

The Critical Care Complex is staffed by consultant anaesthetists / intensivists with extensive critical care experience. The nursing team consists of a matron, team managers, team leaders, staff nurses and clinical support workers.

Other professionals working within Critical Care include a unit administrator, physiotherapists, pharmacists and dieticians. There is a resident doctor under the supervision of a consultant at all times. Critical Care also supports nursing and medical students for training as part of their courses. They are supervised closely by staff and all staff carry identification bags.


Bedford Hospital

Ward Name

Critical Care Complex


Critical Care


Marie Gouveia

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01234 792257

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The Critical Care Complex can be found on the first floor of the ward block and is serviced by the Main Reception located on Kempston Road.

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Visitor Information

In light of the current activity with COVID-19 (coronavirus) and in addition to national guidance around visiting restrictions, there are currently visiting restriction in place. Please view the current visiting restrictions.

Please use the bell at the entrance to the corridor to request permission to see your relative.

Immediate access may not always be possible as he or she may be undergoing a procedure but a member of staff will update you.

Please do not use mobile phones in the patient area.

Weekly car parking tickets can be purchased from the portacabin at the end of the path leading from the hospital main entrance.

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