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SGLT-2 inhibitors

Date: 19/03/2024 | Category:

A guide on the use of the SGLT2 inhibitor class of medications in diabetes SGLT-2 inhibitors – what you need to know You have been prescribed a tablet that belongs […]

Steroid treatment and blood glucose levels

Date: 19/03/2024 | Category:

Information for people who have diabetes and are taking steroids Steroid treatment can temporarily worsen your diabetes control. This is because steroids increase the release of glucose from the liver, […]

Diabetes Education (Type 2)

Date: 25/08/2023 | Category:

Diabetes and Endocrinology (GP information)

Date: 22/02/2018 | Category:

Diabetes At the L&D the Multi-Disciplinary Diabetes Specialist Team offers a comprehensive range of diabetes services for in-patients and out-patients of all age groups, including Children and Young Persons (CYP). […]