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Private Side Rooms – Orchard Ward

Private Side Rooms
If you would like the privacy of your own room after your baby’s birth, we have two private side rooms, or sometimes called amenity rooms, on our Orchard Maternity Postnatal ward which are available for an additional charge.

We know how important these first precious hours are and these rooms offer you an individual space to rest after the birth where you and your partner can spend time bonding with your baby.

Who can stay in the room
Most women who are well after the birth of their child would be able to stay in a private side room, however on occasions it may be advised that you are given a bed nearer to the nurses station, for example after a caesarean section, so that you or your baby can be more closely monitored. Your midwife would discuss these options with you.

Your partner is able to stay with you in the room for as long as you wish, with friends and family also welcome to visit. Children of the parents are welcome to visit between 8am – 8pm

NHS Care
As you will only be paying for the room, you will continue to receive the same high standards of NHS care from your midwifery team. This is not private health care and you will not be asked to pay for any additional services.

Room Facilities
Each room has an ensuite shower room, television, reclining chair and tea / coffee making facilities within the room. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the ward.

Your meals can be taken within your room should you wish, or in our dining room on the ward.

Meal times are:

Breakfast 8.00am – 9.00am

Lunch 12.30 noon – 1.15pm

Dinner 5.30pm – 6.15pm

Snack boxes are also available outside of these times, please just ask.

Vegetarian options are available daily and Halal or special dietary requirements on request. Please let us know as early as possible if you require any special dietary or allergic requirements at the earliest opportunity.

Room Rate
As the exact time of arrival of a baby cannot be guaranteed and demand for rooms can fluctuate, we simply cannot book a room in advance.

But, we can make known to the midwifery team that this is your preferred option and, if available, you can go immediately to one of the two private side rooms following the birth.

Please tell us as soon as you decide you would prefer a private side room and we can make a note of this on your records.

We will offer you a private side room, if clinically appropriate, after the birth of your baby and if a room is available. You will always receive the same high standards of NHS Care.

Private Side Room – £139 per night

We require payment for rooms at the time of check-in and accept most credit / debit cards.

Flexible Stays

You can stay more than one night if you wish and we have flexible check- out times to help support you to return home as soon as you are ready.

Most women are ready to check out at midday after they have had their baby but we recognise that some may wish to stay longer, and so a later check-out at 6pm is available if you have had your baby in the early hours (after midnight).

Extra nights are available at the standard rate of £139 per night.

More Information on Private Side Rooms – Maternity

For more information or to tell us you would prefer a private side room

Tel: Orchard Maternity Ward 01234 792070 between 08:00 – 14:00 hours


Or speak to your midwife