Wrap Around Knee Brace

What is a Wrap Around Knee Brace?Wrap Around Knee Brace

The knee brace is made from an elasticated material. It has metal hinges on either side of the knee and fastens with Velcro straps.

What is the Knee Brace for?

To support the knee and to help reduce pain in everyday activities when standing and walking.

How do I put the brace on?

  1. Open the brace out with the widest part of the brace at the top.
  2. Position your leg on the brace with the hole behind the knee.
  3. Wrap the brace around your leg, making sure the metal hinges are in line with your knee, i.e. they bend where your knee bends.
  4. Pull the sides of the brace around your leg and fasten the Velcro straps comfortably at the front.
  5. Next fasten the top and then the bottom strap by threading them through the ring and back onto themselves to hold the brace in place.
  6. These straps should be firm, but not so tight as to restrict circulation.

When should I wear the brace?

You should wear the brace as advised by your orthotist or therapist.

If you have any problems:

For example:

  • Rashes
  • Skin breakdown
  • Loss of sensation
  • Swelling
  • Pressure or discomfort


If the brace does not fit correctly or keeps slipping, you should contact the department for advice.


  • Check the washing instructions on the label or wash by hand in warm soapy water at 40°C.
  • Do not tumble dry or dry over direct heat, as this will damage the elastic support.
  • Fasten the Velcro straps before washing.
  • Remove the metal hinges by pulling them through the opening at knee level.
  • Take note of which way the hinges should be replaced.

Review procedure

Please follow the review advice given to you by the orthotist. If you require an appointment before this time, please contact the orthotic department.

Orthotic Department tel: 01582 497198.