Vista Aspen Collar

What are Vista collars?Woman wearing a Vista Aspen Collar

  • A Vista collar has a front and back section. The front is adjustable for a comfortable fit.
  • The Vista collar fastens at both sides with Velcro.
  • The front section is shaped to fit under the chin. The back section sits on the back of the head and bottom of the neck.
  • Your collar should be fastened firmly enough for comfort but must not be too slack to allow your head to move freely or your chin to slip inside.

Reasons why a Vista collar may be provided:

  • To reduce movement and support your neck to allow healing.
  • To reduce severe pain and support your neck in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. You may need to use the collar long term if you are unable to have surgery.

When should a Vista collar be worn?

  • The person prescribing the collar will tell you when to wear it and for how long.
  • If you are allowed to remove the collar to perform neck movements/exercises your physiotherapist will advise you what to do. They will also advise if you are allowed to adjust the front depth yourself.
  • If the collar has been prescribed following a fracture you may be instructed to wear it all the time until your neck has healed. You need to check with the referrer about cleaning your skin.
  • If you have a condition like rheumatoid arthritis you may only need to wear the collar at certain times to protect your neck, such as when traveling in a car.
  • If you are wearing your collar at night it will be necessary to adjust your pillows to keep your neck straight and comfortable so that you do not develop pressure sores.

Do not wear your collar when driving as the limitation to your neck movements may rule your car insurance invalid.Woman wearing a Vista Aspen Collar from behind

Washing instructions:

  • The plastic sections can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • The foam lining can be removed and hand washed. Allow it to air-dry. Spare linings are available if you will be wearing the collar for a long time. Contact the orthotic department.

The orthosis supplied is considered the most appropriate for you and your condition. You may discuss alternative orthoses with the Orthotist.

Review procedure

Please follow the review advice given to you by the orthotist. If you require an appointment before this time, please contact the orthotic department.

Orthotic Department tel: 01582 497198.