Spinal Corsets and Abdominal Supports

What is a spinal corset or abdominal support?

A spinal corset or abdominal support is usually made with fabric materials and may contain supportive struts. It fastens with Velcro straps.

What is it for?

Spinal corsets or abdominal supports are prescribed to control and support the spine and pelvis.

  • To steady and limit motion of the joints, ligaments and muscles in your back.
  • To support weak muscles.
  • To support vertebrae which have structural weakness.

They are commonly used for people with osteoporosis, low back pain and abdominal hernias.

How are they made?

They can be custom made to your measurements or can be a ready made device.

The orthotist will assess your needs and take the appropriate measurements around your pelvis, lower back and abdomen.

What should be worn under the spinal corset or abdominal support?

You should wear a long cotton vest or t-shirt under the brace which are:

  • Well fitting to eliminate creases.
  • Un-patterned.
  • Made from cotton rich material.
  • Long enough to cover all the areas of the skin, which come into contact with the brace.
  • Excess material should be gathered at the opening of the brace to avoid creases or folds inside the brace.

A person wearing a spinal corset

How do I put on my spinal corset or abdominal support?

  1. Put your support on whilst standing, however it can also be put on sitting or lying down if necessary.
  2. Open out the support and place it against your spine centrally. If it has steel struts ensure they lay either side of your spine.
  3. Fasten the straps ensuring they are snug enough so the support does not move around.

Please note: If your support has been prescribed to support a hernia, it is best to put it on when you are lying down and the hernia is reduced.

Care of your spinal corset or abdominal support

You should keep your support in good repair. The orthotics department can repair it e.g. replace worn fastenings or elastics. Please return it cleaned.

Most supports can be washed and you should be provided with specific washing instructions when you have it fitted. Remember to remove any metal struts before doing this. Do not tumble dry your support.

If you have any problems with your brace contact your orthotist.


Prescription charges

Some supports incur a prescription charge. This is a government requirement as described by the Department of Health policy number HSG (95) 17. You will be advised of any charge prior to having the support fitted including exemption criteria.

The support supplied is considered the most appropriate for your condition. You may discuss alternative orthoses with the orthotist.

Orthotic Department tel:01582 497198.