Range of Motion Knee Brace (ROM)

What is a ROM (Range of Motion) knee brace?

The ROM brace has metal hinges on both sides of the knee and fastens with Velcro straps over foam bands.

What is the knee brace for?

  • To restrict some knee movements to protect your knee during rehabilitation.
  • The joint can be locked to stop some bending and/or straightening of your knee.
  • The brace also provides some support at the side of your knee.


  • The knee joint may be altered to allow different amounts of movement at your knee during rehabilitation.
  • There may be no movement allowed at the beginning of your treatment.
  • These alterations will be carried out by your therapist /orthotist.
    You should not attempt to adjust the joints yourself.

Using the brace:

You should only wear the brace as advised by your Orthotist/Doctor/Therapist.

Putting your brace on:

  1. Open the brace out flat.
  2. Position it behind your knee with the hinge joints at knee level and the widest part of the brace at the thigh.
  3. Wrap the brace around your leg making sure the hinge joints are in line with your knee. This is where your knee bends.
  4. Pull the bands around and press down to fasten comfortably.
  5. Finally fasten the Velcro straps by pulling through the ‘D’ ring. These straps should be firm but not so tight as to restrict your circulation.


  1. To clean the foam bands wash by hand in warm soapy water at 40ºc.
  2. Remove the foam bands carefully from the metal sides.
    Take note of which way and where they should be replaced as they vary in length. Do them one at a time to avoid confusion.
  3. Fasten the Velcro straps before washing.
  4. Do not tumble dry or dry over direct heat, as this will damage the material. Air Dry Only.


If you have any problems, for example:

  • Skin rash
  • Skin breakdown
  • Loss of sensation
  • Swelling
  • Pressure/discomfort

Or the brace does not seem to fit correctly, or slips down, you should contact the department for advice.

Orthotic Department tel: 01582 497198.