Pull On Knee Brace

What is a Pull On knee brace?

This is a tube shaped brace made from elasticated material.

There are different types that may have a circular pad or a hole to fit around the kneecap or strengthening material along the sides of the fabric.

What is the knee brace for?

  • To support your knee and to help reduce pain in everyday activities when standing and walking.
  • If the brace has a circular pad, this is to help keep your kneecap in position as you move.

How do I put the knee brace on?Pulling on a knee brace

  • The widest opening should be at the top of your leg when you put it on.
  • Pull it up your leg until the curve is behind your knee and any strengtheners are on either side of your knee.
  • If it has a round hole this should be positioned so that the hole is over your kneecap.
  • If it has a pad this should be positioned as shown by the orthotist.

To assist you, a small amount of talc may help the brace to slide up your leg.


Check the washing instructions on the label, or wash the brace by hand in warm soapy water at 40°C.

Do not tumble dry or dry over direct heat, as this will damage the elastic material.

Air dry only.

Using your brace:

You should only wear your brace as advised by your doctor/therapist/orthotist.

If you have any problems, for example:

Skin rash

Skin breakdown

Loss of sensation



Or if the brace is no longer effective or does not fit, contact the department for advice.

Orthotic Department tel:01582 497198.