Footwear – Repairs and replacements


  • The shoes we supply to you are expensive.
  • We ask you to have them repaired regularly to prolong their lifespan and to maintain a comfortable fit.
  • Most shoes can be soled and heeled at your local cobblers and you can have this done by them if you want to. You will need to pay for this.
  • Shoes with special adaptations, for example, flares and elongations may need repairing at the hospital.
  • If you do not use a local cobbler please bring the shoes back to us for repairs.
  • Sometimes people let their shoes wear down so much that they cannot be repaired easily. Please have them repaired before they are worn down to the uppers.
  • Once the adaptations are worn or are no longer providing support they need repairing.
  • If your shoes are wearing out very quickly or you are not happy with the sole units please tell us as there may be other options.

When will I be able to have new shoes?

  • When the Orthotist considers the shoes to be beyond economical repair or are no longer suitable for you they will be condemned.
  • Please do not throw your old shoes away as the orthotist needs to see them before they can order you any more.
  • They will be replaced if you are still eligible to have your footwear supplied by us. You can telephone the orthotic department to find out about this.


Shoes usually take a minimum of 10 working days to come back from repair.

You will be contacted by phone or postcard when they are ready for you to collect.


Orthotic Department tel:01582 497198.