Foot up

What does the Foot Up do?

Foot Up on a child's leg

The Foot Up is designed to prevent your toes catching on the ground when you have a foot drop. This helps you to have a natural walking pattern.

When should I wear the Foot Up?

It is normal to wear the Foot Up when you are walking. It can be unclipped for comfort when you are sitting. The orthotist or physiotherapist will tell you when to wear it.

Wearing the Foot Up

  • You should wear the Foot Up ankle strap over a sock or stocking to protect your skin.
  • The flexible plastic piece is placed over the tongue of the shoe and under the laces.
  • The two parts are connected to each other with a plastic clip.
  • Wear the Foot Up with low-heeled shoes to give the best lift to your foot.
  • Trainer type shoes or lace ups are best.
  • If you cannot wear lace up shoes an elasticated foot wrap can be provided instead of the plastic inlay. This must be positioned immediately behind the ball of the foot.

Will I have to wear the Foot Up forever?

This depends on the cause of your drop foot. Some dropped feet are permanent and others recover when the nerve and muscles begin to work again. You should ask your orthotist about this.

How do I maintain the Foot Up?

If the strap or elastic becomes worn they can easily be replaced. Contact the orthotic department to arrange this.


The Foot Up should be washed in luke warm water and air-dried. Do not use a tumble dryer.

The orthosis supplied is considered the most appropriate for you and your condition. You may discuss alternative orthoses with the Orthotist.