Please be aware, the information on this page relates to Luton & Dunstable University Hospital

Children’s Phlebotomy – Patient appointment booking system

Improving Patient Experience

With over 500 patients a month visiting our department, it is vital that we can see everyone in a safe and social distanced way to protect both our staff and our patients.

With this in mind, we have now finalised arrangements to introduce an appointment booking system for all patients and this will see a reduction in the waiting and queuing time for blood tests.

Blood tests are by appointment only at:

Children’s Outpatients Department, Zone D, Luton and Dunstable Hospital, Lewsey Road, Luton, LU4 0DZ

There are a number of ways that patients are able to book, cancel or rearrange an appointment:

  • Online service (available 24/7). Parents/carers will need to register online using your child’s details
  • Automated telephone booking service (available 24/7): 01582 320201
  • By telephone and speak to our Paediatrics Team on 01582 497224, Mon-Fri, 8-9am and 4-5.30pm,

Staff will endeavour to make the appointment for the patient, particularly if your child has additional needs, or those with special requests such as fasting, genetics and hormone tests. When your child is past the age of 13, you will not be able to book an appointment in the Children’s Department and you will need to go to the adult’s area on the website. You will need to change the selected location to Arndale House, this can be done by clicking the ‘H’ in the bar at the top of the website.

When you attend for your appointment please ensure you have the blood test request form from your GP showing your name and NHS number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I book using my own details?

Please use your child’s name and date of birth on the online system and when booking via phone.

I have more than one child who needs a blood test. Can I use the same email address to register?

Yes, you are able to use one email address for multiple children.

What if patients are unable to book blood tests online?

In circumstances where a patient is unable to book the blood test online themselves, they can be helped by their family members or carers to set up an account. Alternatively, please call Children’s Outpatients on 01582 497224, Mon-Fri, 8-9am and 4pm-5:30pm, and one of the team will be happy to help.

What happens when we arrive for a blood test?

When a patient arrives, they will need to check in with the receptionist. The patient and parent/carer will be required to sit in the waiting room until they are called for by the phlebotomist.

What if I’m late for an appointment?

If a patient is more than 10 minutes late for their appointment, they will have the choice of either waiting until the next available slot, if there is one available, or rebooking for another day.

Please make sure your child is well hydrated before the blood test; this will help the phlebotomists when taking the sample.

Fasting blood tests

Children may only drink water after midnight on the morning before their blood test and will need to attend the clinic as early as possible, and inform Reception they are fasting. Telephone Phlebotomy Reception on 01582 497224, Mon-Fri, between 9.00am-10.00am and 4.00pm-5.00pm, as we have special early morning slots put to one side for these tests.

Genetic Blood tests

Telephone Phlebotomy Reception on 01582 497224, Mon-Fri, between 9.00am-10.00am, and 4.00pm-5.00pm, as we have special early morning slots put to one side for these tests.


We are unable to give out blood results. Please contact the person that requested the blood test, e.g. the GP or the consultant’s secretary.

Needle phobia

If your child is scared of needles please advise the member of staff you speak to when booking your child’s appointment. This will enable the team to speak to the play specialist team to arrange for them to assist and also arrange a longer appointment slot. We will do all we can to make this experience a positive one for you and your child.

Extra advice

We would suggest that you ask your GP to prescribe a local numbing cream prior to the test or you can purchase this from your local chemist.

Do not rub it in. Secure this with the plasters provided or Clingfilm (Clingfilm does not pull when you take it off!).

If your child is under the age of 2, place cream on the back of both hands as well. This needs to be applied ONE HOUR before the appointment.