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Additional information – Having a procedure with a training Endoscopist

Endoscopy Training at Bedford Hospital

Bedford Hospital contributes to the training of Endoscopists and as a result has several trainees working in Endoscopy; this leaflet is provided to inform you about how this may affect your Endoscopy procedure, and support your decision as to whether you are happy to have a trainee perform the procedure.

Although the idea of a trainee may be unnerving it is often a very positive experience. All our Endoscopy trainees are in a structured training programme within the national guidelines. Around a quarter of Endoscopy lists at Bedford Hospital involve training of Endoscopists.

Will they be supervised?

Under no circumstances are trainee Endoscopists unsupervised. Depending on the experience of the trainee, the experienced Consultant or Senior Nurse Endoscopist will be present, and supervising your Endoscopy procedure throughout or will be immediately available in the endoscopy department. If at any time you or the trainee has any difficulties the trainer can intervene. All the Endoscopy trainers at Bedford Hospital are accredited Endoscopy trainers and we regularly monitor their training skills.

Is it safe?

We carefully monitor our complication rates for Endoscopy and there is no difference in safety with a trainee Endoscopist.

Will it be more uncomfortable?

We carefully monitor patient comfort and have not found any suggestion it will be more uncomfortable.

Will it take longer?

While learning a trainee may be slower than an independent Endoscopist, however, our trainers are experienced in monitoring the length of a procedure and will take over if procedure seems prolonged. On a training list we allow a longer time for the whole Endoscopy experience, and patients often find this makes for a more relaxed atmosphere.

What should I do if I don’t want a trainee?

If you wish to let us know you are not happy to have a supervised trainee perform your procedure please inform us at least one week in advance of the procedure, so we can ensure you are not booked on a training list. The Endoscopy administrative team are on 01234 792269 or 01234 730567.