A Guide to Wearing Heel Cups/Insoles

What is an insole or a heel cup?

An insole/heel cup is a device which fits under the foot and inside a shoe. They can be made from a variety of different materials including thermoplastic or firm foam.

What is it for?

An insole/heel cup provides correction, support and stability of the foot. It assists in aligning the bones of the foot correctly

How are they made?

Some heel cups/insoles are made by taking a plaster cast of the foot in a corrected position. Others are ready made to different sizes and widths.

How should they be worn?

They should be worn over socks and inside your child’s normal footwear. Your orthotist will show you how to use your insole/heel cup correctly.

How long should they be worn?

At first, the insoles may feel uncomfortable so you should gradually wear them in using the following schedule:

  • Day 1: 30-60 minutes
  • Day 2: 1-2 hours
  • Day 3: 3-4 hours
  • Day 4: 4-5 hours

Your orthotist or physiotherapist will tell you when they should be worn or what activities to wear them for. Most children wear them all day.

Thick multi-coloured insoles

What should I check for?

The insole/heel cup needs to apply some pressure in order to correct and support the foot. Some marking of the skin may occur but the skin should not blister or breakdown.

When the child receives a new insole/heel cup the skin should initially be checked frequently for pressure areas. If there is significant marking leave the insole/heel cup off and check the foot again after 30 minutes.

If the marking is still significant you should make an appointment with the orthotist for the heel cup/insole to be reviewed. The child’s foot may sweat more when wearing heel cups therefore it is advisable to wash the foot and change the socks more frequently.

What type of footwear does the child need?

The insole/ heel cup is designed to be worn with ordinary footwear.

If you think your child is outgrowing the heel cups/insoles please contact the Orthotic department or your physiotherapist for a review appointment.

The heel cups/insoles supplied is considered the most appropriate for your child’s condition. You may discuss alternative orthoses with the orthotist.

Orthotic Department tel:01582 497198.