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Frailty virtual ward

About us

What is a virtual ward?

A virtual ward, also known as Hospital at Home, is a service designed to provide NHS care in the comfort of your own home, for up to 14 days. The primary aim of this service is to support acutely unwell patients over the age of 65 years living with frailty, providing care in their own home as an alternative to hospital admission.

We know that being in familiar and comfortable surroundings – where you can see friends, family and pets – is much better for your physical health, mental wellbeing and overall recovery.

We would like to treat your condition at home to allow for quicker recovery that is more comfortable.

While on the virtual ward, a senior doctor and nurse will oversee your care through a joint team of hospital and community staff. You will have a personalised care plan, tailored to your specific needs, with healthcare professionals monitoring and caring for you. You may also be started on intravenous treatment if required. Do not worry, you will have regular contact with the team who will call or visit to check how you are progressing.

You might be given some easy-to-use devices to use at home to monitor things like your blood pressure or your oxygen levels. These readings will be sent back to the virtual ward staff who will monitor them. If needed, changes can be made to your care plan. Our aim is to give you a hospital level treatment at home and speed up your recovery process avoiding hospitalisation.

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of your healthcare team.

Meet the team

Frailty virtual ward team photo

  • Rachel McKenzie-Martin – Paramedic
  • Amy Evans –Advanced Care Practitioner Trainee
  • Bennie A-Ward – Senior Sister Rapid Response
  • Adriana Jakupaj –Consultant physician and Geriatrician
  • Julie Coffey – Assistant Practitioner Rapid Response
  • Tracy Fitzsimmons – Service Manager Rapid Response
  • Nnamdi Chidiadi – Health Care Assistant Rapid Responses

Our service

What will happen on the virtual ward?

  1. Patient Assessment
  2. Creating a Care Plan
  3. Health Monitoring at Home
  4. Your Care and Treatment
  5. Responsive Care – what to do if your health changes
  6. Leaving the Virtual Ward

You can read more about the virtual Frailty service in our patient information leaflet.

Is there support for my family or carer while I am on the virtual ward?

Yes, speak to your virtual ward team to discuss what support you and your carer(s) might need. If there is anything specific you are struggling with it is important to let your clinical team know.

In addition, Carers UK have published some helpful advice on their website.