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About ERAS

“The mission of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programme is to develop perioperative care and to improve recovery through research, education, audit and implementation of evidence-based practice”

We aim to provide pre-operative education and guidance through information booklets, videos and face-to-face clinic appointments on how to improve fitness and general health prior to surgery and to also help guide you on how to better prepare both physically and practically for your upcoming surgery, “Major surgery is like running a marathon, both require preparation”.

Goal setting – we set you goals to achieve daily after surgery in order to aid your recovery, for example:

  1. Getting out of bed day of surgery – aiming to walk a short distance and building up the distance with every walk you do
  2. Adequate nutrition to help aid recovery
  3. Good pain management – this allows you to do all the things necessary to help recovery

The current programme is used for patients coming into hospital for elective surgical procedures:

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